Bastard!!: Arshes Nei 1/6 Scale Figure

Bastard!!: Arshes Nei 1/6 Scale Figure
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Bastard!!: Arshes Nei 1/6 Scale Figure
Manufacturer : Orchid Seed Scale : 1/6 Material : PVC Producer : Satoshi Ishiyama Original : Bastard!!

Joining the Elite Four votive sword alone thunder magic sword [Terrible] calling on!

- Acclaimed in the series in Ultra Jump [BASTARD!!] Hero from a lone Terrible D S is also a lover of the daughter [native Ashesu] PVC is the finished product will be released at last! - Atmosphere to attract viewers, the pinup was recorded 02 full version released in book form 03 Motif. - Demon Sword [votive sword lightning] Lin stare and look to carry 此方 are those that reflect the strength as one of the best swordsman 作中 magic. - Peek from increased exposure costumes, combined with physical beauty and sex appeal and strength, flowing cape fluttering, Many attractions such as the delicate modeling of the hair. - Pre-sale and [Hahn Kai], as well as wear parts are molded in part because they are all different, 作中 can faithfully reproduce the atmosphere!