Fate/Zero: Saber Chogokin Action Figure

Fate/Zero: Saber Chogokin Action Figure
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Product Description

Fate/Zero: Saber Chogokin Action Figure
Manufacturer : Bandai

Scale : Non

Material : ABS , PVC , Diecast

Series : Chogokin

Original : Fate/stay night

Saber of action figures dressed in armor of the first ever die-cast, descended here.

- Reproduce and die-cast armor plating covering the whole body! Almost all of the other forearm armor Die-cast specification. In addition, by applying the paint pollute, I pursue heavy texture. - The high performance mobile realizes various actions! Shoulders that can easily be ready hands, even wide open legs Realization and side skirt armor that moving one at a time that there will be no gap, the moveable for Saber. - Plenty of accessories! Can be accommodated in Avalon Excalibur. In addition, the opening Effect parts foot image of a scene is beautifully reproduced in clear plastic. Other effects such as magic seat base and the height can be adjusted only in two stages, Luxury options included.

- Includes: body, five species each side wrist replacement, three replacement expression, two bangs replacement Two ribbon replacement, three Excalibur, Avalon 2, effect parts feet, Magic seat, pedestal