Mazinger: Mazinger Z DX Chogokin Action Figure

Mazinger: Mazinger Z DX Chogokin Action Figure
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Product Description

Mazinger: Mazinger Z DX Chogokin Action Figure

Manufacturer : Bandai

Scale : Non

Material : ABS , PVC , Zndc

Series : Soul of Chogokin

Original : Mazinger Z

40 years from birth Mazinger Z. Soul of Chogokin from birth to 15 years. DX models come out on top of history. - Whereas less than 20cm is the size of a conventional superalloy Mazinger Z, this product leads to 30cm Large model. - What was without example because this size, a variety of mechanisms will be the first Soul of Chogokin is installed. - The internal mechanics are reproduced in detail. - Mazinger Z's first gimmick vocalization emission and super alloys. - Maintenance base can store all display accessories. - To award the first time, a new teacher comes with a cartoon drawn by Go Nagai! !

- Set includes: Main unit, store maintenance base, a set of armor parts, a set of armor cut model, Mechanical model armor (head and neck), fist mechanical model (left and right), movable fist (left and right), Each set of chest plate heat (normal clear), hover pile Darling (boarding children Kabuto), Two infrared remote control, crane truck (mounting type Normal / rail)

- Battery (sold separately): 2 AAA batteries (for body), 2 AAA batteries (for remote control infrared), (For store maintenance base) 3 AAA batteries