Metal Build Gundam Exia & Exia Repair III Action Figure

Metal Build Gundam Exia & Exia Repair III Action Figure
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Product Description

Metal Build Gundam Exia & Exia Repair III Action Figure
Manufacturer : Bandai

Scale : Non

Material : PVC , ABS , , Diecast

Full length : approx 180mm.

Series : Metal Build

Original : Gundam00

Exia's highest birth skeleton lust of different materials.

- Back calculation from Double O: ultimate form Two years from the double O-Seven Sword, Double O anew by Mr. Ebi Kanetake designer Proportions and moving backward from the latest Gundam is here. In addition to the normal Exia Reproduction and commercialization of the first in compatibility In addition, the Gundam Exia Repair III. Also marking Special in that it caused Mr. Kanetake Ebi designer for this product. - Die-cast frame Gaps in armor shining dully from die cast that are used in the body skeleton. The calculated design different materials will be in a dilemma strangely woven. - High performance mobile Similarly Double Oh Seven Swords, achieve high mobility while superalloy. Code name of Exia Boasts a high play value enhancement armed [Seven Sword] is to represent.

- Includes: body, four on each side wrist replacement, GN Sword, GN Short Blade, Each 2 GN Long Blade, GN Beam Saber, one 2 GN beam dagger, GN shield, Part III retrofit repair two latches on each side armed lumbar replacement, parts for the GN Sword Kai, Particle storage tank GN, GN Long Rifle, dedicated pedestal