Star Wars: Sandtrooper 1/6 Scale Exclusive Action Figure

Star Wars: Sandtrooper 1/6 Scale Exclusive Action Figure
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Star Wars: Sandtrooper 1/6 Scale Exclusive Action Figure
Falling in line to join Sideshows Imperial Ranks is the Sandtrooper 12-inch Figure! This highly detailed figure is completely equipped with modified armor and gear specialized to withstand harsh desert climates and extreme temperatures.

The Sandtrooper 12 inch Figure features: Fully articulated male body (armored body) with 30+ points of articulation, Fully detailed Sandtrooper armor set, featuring new helmet faceplate, new left shin armor, new abdomen armor, and pauldron with white rank designation. Bodysuit, Shoulder Pouches, Belt Pouches, MG-15 Rifle, Detailed Backpack, 12-inch Figure Display Base with Star Wars Logo.

The Empire encompassed thousands of worlds, with countless climate and terrain challenges. Their stormtrooper ranks reflected this through specialized units trained and equipped to operate in specific environments.

The sandtrooper is a desert terrain stormtrooper. Their armor consists of an 18-piece anti-blaster cocoon shell with heat-reflective coating worn over a temperature-control body glove. The sandtrooper helmet features automatic polarized lenses, a built-in comlink and breathing filters. These stormtroopers are specifically designed for high temperature environments. Instead of depending on machinery that may not function in hostile environments, sandtroopers make use of local creatures for transportation.

The stormtrooper detachment dispatched by Lord Darth Vader to investigate a crashed escape pod on Tatooine just prior to the Battle of Yavin consisted of sandtroopers. They had heavy weapons, survival gear, and shoulder pauldrons denoting rank.