Queen's Blade: Fraulein Alice Boost Action Figure (Revoltech) (Queen's Gate)

Queen's Blade: Fraulein Alice Boost Action Figure (Revoltech) (Queen's Gate)
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Product Description

Queen's Blade: Fraulein Alice Boost Action Figure (Revoltech) (Queen's Gate)
Manufacturer : Kaiyodo

Scale : 1/12

Producer : Eiichiro Matsumoto

Series : Revoltech

Original : Queens Gate

Designers Color] released simultaneously with the two species [original color! - From the Queen's Gate, [who open the gates boost Alice version] Treasure Hunter also bet on the world Is appeared. - In the face and costume, there is a [mode (negative) M] [S mode (attack)] and, respectively, can be replaced. - The appearance and mode 2 when the battle Shii Lin, look sexy when damaged, the S & M You can choose. - This time, simultaneous release of the figures of two versions of the original color version and color designer. - Alice has changed into an adult leave the clothes of the girl. Body of bursting, and perfectly to the body Closely suit will emphasize the sexy. - Is included with each facial expression 2 S mode, individual mode 1 M writhes in pain. - The hair is equipped with two revolver, you can reproduce the light dances like long hair. - Whip to turn freely in the soft material, in three different types shape ultra-luxury specification, the length is attached, Wrapped around the body, can reproduce the defense boost just like the original. - Blue and silver also comes standard with two akimbo with a dagger of the trade mark. - Pants are usually available version, a version of damage. Leakage protection solution that is also included. - Eighteen with a revolver. - Comes with a decorative stand movable hand and two types of options.

- Figure height: (1/12 scale approximately) 135mm - 19 place all moving parts - Use several 18 revolver: 4mm joint 6,6 mm 9,8 mm joint joint 3, - (The original color version) Accessories: M mode interface 1, S mode face 1, Damage Piece 1, Whip 3, 1 for the whip handle, 2 gun with daggers, pants options 2, 1 protection solution, Optional hands 2, 1 display base