Saint Seiya: Aquarius Camus Gold Cloth Myth Action Figure

Saint Seiya: Aquarius Camus Gold Cloth Myth Action Figure
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Saint Seiya: Aquarius Camus Gold Cloth Myth Action Figure
* Aquarius Camus

Voice actor: Nobutoshi Canna Techniques: Diamond Dust, Freezing Coffin, Aurora Execution

The Aquarius Gold Saint in the 20th century, guardian of the Temple of the Precious Vessel. A righteous Saint who led an exemplary life, Camus mentored Cygnus Hyōga and Poseidon's Mariner Kraken Isaac. He taught them the ways of the Saints, emphasizing stoicism and impasiveness in battle, to be able to protect peace on Earth. Although he was suspicious of the Pope, Camus stood against the Bronze Saints rebellion as he was tricked into deeming them traitors. During the conflict of the twelve temples, Camus battled his disciple Hyōga in a duel to the death. Witnessing his pupil's determination, Camus realized his suspicions were correct, and decided to teach him the ultimate secret of the absolute zero, to guarantee Hyōga's victory against the Pope. Thus Camus perished but his memory and teachings continue to burn brightly in Hyoga's life. Even beyond the grave, Camus continues to protect Athena and Hyōga as he encouraged him to victory in dire situations. Camus is later resurrected by Hades, to whom he swore fealty while secretly remaining a true Saint of Athena. Although he dies again during the events of the war against Hades, he is brought back to life in the Underworld, and joins his Gold Saint comrades in their final sacrifice to pierce the impervious Wailing Wall.

Manufacturer : Bandai

Scale : Non

Series : Saint Cloth Myth

Original : Saint Seiya