Saint Seiya: Taurus Aldebaran Gold Cloth Myth Action Figure

Saint Seiya: Taurus Aldebaran Gold Cloth Myth Action Figure
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Saint Seiya: Taurus Aldebaran Gold Cloth Myth Action Figure
Taurus Aldebaran

Taurasu no Arudebaran (牡牛座のアルデバラン?) Voice actor: Tesshō Genda Techniques: Great Horn

The Taurus Gold Saint in the 20th century, guardian of the Temple of the Golden Bull. A good natured giant who wielded wondrous physical strength and unmatched battle speed due to his technique similar to the iai combat principle, Aldebaran was a Gold Saint truly committed to the duty of protecting peace and justice on Earth. During the conflict of the twelve temples, he first opposed the Bronze Saints' rebellion against Sanctuary, as he was tricked by the Pope into deeming them traitors. Aldebaran was engaged in battle by Pegasus Seiya, whose determination in battle led his already increasing suspicions about the legitimacy of the Pope, to grow even further. Seiya swore to break off one of the horns of Aldebaran's helmet, to prove his cause was just. Aldebaran agreed, believing the young Saint wouldn't be capable of such a feat. To his astonishment, Seiya fulfills his promise, and Aldebaran allows him to tresspass the Taurus Temple. Near the end of Seiya's battle against Gemini Saga, Aldebaran realizes his suspicions about the Pope were not far from the truth and swears allegiance to Athena once he meets her. In the Poseidon arc, Aldebaran protects the moribund Bronze Saints from Siren Sorrento's murder attempt, at the cost of deafening himself. During the war against Hades, Aldebaran is murdered by Deep Niobe, not without completely obliterating the Specter. He is later resurrected in the Underworld, and joins his Gold Saint comrades in the final sacrifice to pierce the impervious Wailing Wall, thus opening a gateway to Elysion.

Named after Aldebaran, the brightest star in the Taurus constellation.

Manufacturer : Bandai

Scale : Non

Series : Saint Cloth Myth

Original : Saint Seiya