Saint Seiya: Lizard Misty Silver Saint Cloth Myth Action Figure

Saint Seiya: Lizard Misty Silver Saint Cloth Myth Action Figure
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Saint Seiya: Lizard Misty Silver Saint Cloth Myth Action Figure
Lizard Misty

Rizado no Misuti (蜥蜴星座のミスティ?) Voice Actor: Yū Mizushima, Takayuki Sasada (OVA), Vic Mignogna (English) Techniques: Mavrou Trypa (μαύρου τρύπα, greek for "black hole", although the grammatically correct form is μαύρη οπή, Mavri Opi)

Misty was a narcissist who considered himself inferior only to the goddess Athena herself. Misty made it clear when he was sent to Japan with his fellow Silver Saints to deal with the renegade Bronze Saints. When Phoenix Ikki came back to his senses with the help of his fellow Bronze Saints, the Lizard Saint created a landslide in the hopes of burying them, but he was unsuccessful. Aries Mu created illusions which made the four Black Saints look like the Bronze Saints and teleported them all eight from the landslide. The Silver Saints were deceived by the illusion and went after the Black Saints but Eagle Marin and Misty went after the real Pegasus. Marin, in hopes of saving Seiya, attacked her pupil with an illusion attack and buried him. Misty however didn't fall for it and took the Bronze Saint out of his grave and attacked him. The Silver Saint told Seiya that he had never been bruised in battle and that itself was true victory in Misty's view, never to be hurt by an opponent. During the fight some blood from Seiya fell on Misty, who was disgusted by it cleaned it off. Thus, he removed his Cloth and went into the nearby sea. Seiya deemed him crazy and as soon as Misty donned his Cloth again, the battle continued. After, a hard battle, Pegasus Seiya overcame Misty's attacks and defeated him.

In the adaptation to anime of the Hades arc from the manga, Misty was revived along with his fellow Silver Saints and was sent to fight the Bronze Saints. He was soon defeated by Cygnus Hyōga and proclaimed him a true Saint. In the same way as the revived Gold Saints, the Silver Saints had pledged loyalty to Hades while secretly remaining true Saints of Athena.

Manufacturer : Bandai

Scale : Non

Material : PVC

Series : Saint Cloth Myth

Original : Saint Seiya