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Saint Seiya: Virgo Shaka Gold Cloth Myth Action Figure
Saint Seiya: Virgo Shaka Gold Cloth Myth Action Figure
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Saint Seiya: Virgo Shaka Gold Cloth Myth Action Figure
* Virgo Shijima

Barugo no Shijima

The Virgo Gold Saint in the 18th century. Called "the silent man" and also, like his successor in the 20th century, known as "the man who is almost a god", Shijima is regarded as the most righteous man among Athena's Saints. As his name reveals, Shijima remains mostly silent, in order to gather his Cosmo by depriving himself of speaking, and projects his thoughts to communicate with others. He first appeared in Chapter 14 of Next Dimension. He mentions to Taurus Ox and Capricorn Izō that he has felt Athena's Cosmo from the future, coming near to the time dimension they live in.[42] Soon enough Athena descends to the sanctuary in a crash, the Saints hurry up to Athena's statue at the top of Sanctuary where the Goddess Cosmo impacted. There they find an infant Athena sleeping in a small crater. Shijima goes forward and is about to pick up the goddess when the Holy Pope appears telling them to step back. As the pope picks the baby up in his arms he orders the Gold Saints to return to their temples. On the way down, Shijima senses something bad and heads back to Athena's statue, where the Pope is about to stab the baby Athena with a dagger. Shijima pulls the baby away and at the same time Pisces Cardinale appears. The Pisces Saint first questions the Pope's wrongdoings but attacks Shijima with a deadly Bloody Rose, making Shijima fall to the ground, who later recovers and flees to protect Athena. He is currently between the Pope's chambers and the Pisces temple.

Named after the Shijima, the Buddhist philosophy of stillness, silence and oneness.