Tamashii Mazinger Z Jumbo NEO 24'' Action Figure

Tamashii Mazinger Z Jumbo NEO 24'' Action Figure
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Tamashii Mazinger Z Jumbo NEO 24'' Action Figure
It's been 36 years since the first Jumbo Machinder Mazinger Z was released by Popy--and now Bandai revives the classic toy line and the iconic super robot with this towering 60cm offering of Mazinger Z in the brand new Jumbo Machinder Neo series! Accurately based on its design for the "Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z Hen" anime, this enormous robot is articulated at all major joints, allowing it to replicate its signature Breast Fire and Rocket Punch attack moves. The included Hover Pileder can be docked into Mazinger Z's head, and separate arm units are also provided that are capable of launching the robot's fists! Make this the centerpiece display in your collection!3

* Official Licensed Product * Approx 24" tall * Mazinger Z set content body, Hobapairuda, rocket punch, injection unit, rocket punch-only arm (soft, lightweight material) * he switching system of arms, rockets that can be injected into actual punch (punch of soft, lightweight material) are included. * Upper body shoulder elbow wrist motion. And can pose Buresutofaiya and rocket punch!